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Trapped By Fate

A Hyuuga Neji Fanclub

Trapped By Fate: Hyuuga Neji Fanclub
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Trapped by Fate is a newly created community dedicated to Hyuuga Neji of the anime and manga series Naruto. The purpose of this comm is to provide a place for fans of Neji to meet, talk, and discuss, as well as post their own fan-made works including fanfiction, fanart, icons, banners, you name it. Neji on his own, or Neji in any sort of pairing or grouping is allowed, as our Neji-love is welcomed in all flavours.

1. You need to like Neji. Obviously. If you don't like Neji, then you're in the wrong place.
2. Please only post your own work, plaigarism and stealing are not cool.
3. You can discuss anything you like, as long as it's Neji-related in SOME way.
4. Be respectful of your fellow members. Just b/c you may like Hyuugacest or NejiXLee or whatever, that doesn't mean someone else does, so everyone needs to be open-minded and nice.
5. This comm is het and yaoi-friendly. And I suppose if you found some way to somehow do yuri, it's friendly to that too.
6. Long chunks of text, icons, images of any kind, and anything with a rating of NC-17 needs to be behind an LJ-cut
7. Please label your work with ratings so that people know what they're getting into.

Though it's not requred, please feel free to introduce yourself when you join, and share what you like about Neji.

One of the other purposes of this comm is to try and provide a resource for Neji fans to find good Neji-centric fanfiction. That being the case, if you have some "recommended reading", please go to the link in the links section and post to the thread so that it can be added to the list. ^__^

Your friendly neighborhood moderator - tasogaretaichou Need to contact me? Here's how:

E-mail: usoyami@gmail.com

Stylesheet by refuted , though the colours and the header image were done by tasogaretaichou